Heart shape blue sapphire

Blue Sapphire stones make everlasting gifts and jewellery that have positive properties which also look exquisite and charming when worn.

A heart-shaped blue sapphire is a striking gemstone, celebrated for its deep, vivid blue hue and exceptional brilliance. The heart shape, symbolizing love and romance, adds a unique and sentimental touch, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings, pendants, and other meaningful jewelry pieces

Description :  natural  blue sapphire 
Weight : 2.37 ct
Colour : Blue
Shape : Heart
Cut : Mixed
Clarity : Insignificant Inclusions (VVS2)
Color Intensity : Moderately strong
Dimensions(mm) : 9.03 L x 8.56 W x 4.46 H 
Origin : Ceylon
Treatments : Heated only

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