Blue Sapphire Most famous Ceylon blue Sapphire ring

Most famous Ceylon blue Sapphire ring

Ceylon Blue Sapphire The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the most popular and sought after gems. Its beauty cascades through generations as this stone is timeless. The deep rich blue that comes from the stone is associated with royalty. The finest Blue Sapphires have a vivid blue hue and can be graded at…

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Yellow Sapphire Natural Rough Yellow Sapphire

The Natural Rough Yellow Sapphire

45ct Natural Rough Yellow Sapphire stone can be found in Ratnapura, which is a city in Sri Lanka. The Sapphire mines these gems are produced in are the best in the world which means quality is always prevalent. This stone is golden and can be compared to the glow of the sun. The vibrant color…

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